DCB Energy offers four formulas for road users who have different needs but want their service to be quick, easy, inexpensive and nearby.


19 Unmanned filling stations that are fully equipped for large transporters and  situated at prime locations along the most important transportation routes of Holland. Here, truck drivers can safely and quickly refuel their cars, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many TruckEasy locations are equipped with green fuels, like CNG, AdBlue, Biodiesel and LNG.


Refuelling whenever you want and at the lowest prices: that's the idea behind our unmanned TankEasy filling stations for cars, motorcycles and small trucks. You will find them at prime locations along the connecting roads in the Netherlands.

DCB Tank 

Service with a smile and a comprehensive assortment in the shop complement the extensive range of fuels at our manned filling stations. The ideal pit stop for longer trips, or just for a fresh cup of coffee or a sandwich.


Cleaning is an important part of car maintenance. WashEasy is our concept for a quick, inexpensive and sustainable washing. With our hyper-modern, environmental-friendly washing equipment and extensive washing programs, we make your car as good as new. The WashEasy stations are coupled to some of the TankEasy and DCB Tank stations.