The DCB EnergyCard lets you refuel easily and inexpensively within the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. VAT and excise duties that you pay abroad, even outside the Benelux, can even be easily reclaimed. 

We can help anyone with a DCB EnergyCard to reclaim VAT and excise duties from anywhere in Europe. We do this in cooperation with independent specialists. The benefits for your organisation are:

  • Administrative relief. Reclaiming VAT and excise duties is a complicated and time-consuming process. Our partners are fully informed about procedures and administrate the reclaiming process meticulously.  
  • Improved liquidity and solvability. By means of advanced money, the paid VAT is immediately available. You will receive a credit bill with the amount of the paid VAT together with your monthly invoice.  
  • Better planning of your cash flow. Know exactly how much VAT you will receive back and when you will receive it.  

For more questions or options call 0181-692111.