Knowledge of what engines need

Our fuels get you going, our lubricants and cooling fluids get your engines going. We offer a complete assortment of lubricants, engine oils and coolants for any possible application. Both under our own DCB label as under the labels of renowned suppliers like Total and Elf.

ANAC, a unique oil-analysis tool

ANAC is the diagnostics system of Total Lubricants for diesel engines and transmissions, based on the analysis of used oil. Most of the specialised laboratories offer classic oil analysis. ANAC focuses on the wear and tear of engines, transmissions and axes. Also, ANAC analyses the state of the lubricant.

DCB Energy and ANAC want to offer fleet owners a service that will allow them to do conditional maintenance (the right operation at the right time and place) and thus guarantee a maximum life span of the material against the lowest possible costs per mile or hour. New customers can use the ELF-ANAC for free for their first year at DCB Energy.

Ordering lubricants 

You can easily order lubricants yourself through the below form, or you can call 0181-692111. 

Ordering lubricants

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