Sustainable mobility at a fair price

DCB Energy offers fuels, lubricants and related services of top-notch quality. With 30 owned DCB Energy filling locations, divided into four concepts, we provide corporate and private road users with ease, benefits and sustainable mobility. Completed with more than 200 partner locations, our network has a nation-wide coverage.

Sustainable mobility according to DCB Energy

Sustainable mobility means long-term, cost-effective and environmental-friendly solutions for all mobility challenges of companies and people. Just like all the other companies within the D.C. Berkel Group, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by continuously focusing on – and striving for – sustainable development of our services and relations. DCB Energy is a forerunner in the deployment of a network of sustainable fuels, like LNG, CNG,  Groengas, E10, Diesel NRG and Biodiesel. Both visible at the filling stations and behind the scenes at a political level.

Our organisation is set up to flexibly deal with changes in the fuel market and needs of our customers. Sustainable mobility also means continuity and progress, a way of thinking that is deeply engrained into our DNA. Just like customer friendliness and personal and professional advice. Our employees can tell you all about it.


We would love to see you back at one of our manned or unmanned filling stations, or at one of our EasyWash carwash stations.