An overview of the current recommended selling prices per 100 litres of fuel. 

Een overzicht van de huidige adviesprijzen per 100 liter per brandstofsoort.
Ingangsdatum: 06-02-2023

BrandstofsoortPrijs excl. btwPrijs incl. btw
CNG€ 181,40€ 219,50
Diesel NRG€ 155,29€ 187,90
LPG€ 86,69€ 104,90
Euro98-E5€ 182,56€ 220,90
Euro95-E10€ 164,38€ 198,90
HVO 100€ 175,62€ 212,50
LNG*€ 165,21€ 199,90
CNG+€ 165,21€ 199,90
AdBlue€ 88,84€ 107,50

Shown prices can vary from the price at the pump. No rights can be derived from the information on this web page. This information is gathered and published with the utmost care. Still, DCB Energy B.V. does not accept any responsibility for its correctness and completeness, nor for the direct or indirect damage coming from acting or not acting based on this data.